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Celebrate Universal Love

I have always considered it a timely blessing that in the midst of the cold, bleak winter, we have a holiday dedicated to the celebration of love.  While January is a welcomed month of rest and recuperation after the busy Christmas season, by February, we are tired of the snow, freezing temperatures, and the cold and flu season.  Many people experience depression, claustrophobia, or Seasonal Affective Disorder.  So what better time to have an attitude adjustment, by getting out of ourselves and thinking about those we love, by expressing our hearts on Valentine’s Day.  As the saying goes, “The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay; love isn’t love, until you give it away.”

Like anything, Valentine’s Day is what we make it.  We can see it as a “holiday of obligation”, when we have to appease our significant other with some material offering, lest we really be left out in the cold.  Feeling the pressure of commercialism is enough to ruin the spirit of any occasion.  Yet the symbols of Valentine’s Day, red hearts and roses, chocolates and cupids, can offer a little color to the otherwise basic black and white winter scenario.  It can also be a time of creative self-expression when we think of ways to make others happy, which is a guaranteed way to ensure our own happiness in return.

Though Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a special time for lovers, it can also be an opportunity to celebrate universal love.  Why limit it?  “What the world needs now is love sweet love, no not just for some, but for everyone.”  However you choose to express your love to others on February 14th, now is the time to start preparing, so you can enjoy the creative process.  Here are some fun ideas to inspire you to put your heart into this Valentine’s Day.

1.  Give lots of Valentines – Buy or make your own cards out of construction paper using lacy paper doily hearts and stickers.  Let your inner child come out to remind you of those cut and paste skills you learned in kindergarten.  If you don’t have the time, you can buy my Valentine cards by the bag. Click here.

2.  Write a poem – Instead of watching TV some night, enjoy some quiet time to compose your thoughts on paper.  Let your feelings for someone bring out the muse in you, or become a scribe by writing the words of your favorite poets.

3.  Plan a celebration – Prepare a favorite meal at home or at a restaurant…(tomatoes, red wine, and dark chocolate are aphrodisiacs).  Decorate with flowers, candles, and incense to create a beautiful atmosphere.  Compile a collection of your favorite love songs for an evening of inspirational music and dancing.

4.  Call someone you know – have a heart to heart talk.

5.  Send flowers – brighten up someone’s winter day.

6.  Give a Gift of Heart – May I suggest my book, “The Heart of the Matter”, now available in ebook form. No postage or waiting to get it in the mail, just download it now and enjoy the full color collages and images.

Click here to purchase the Kindle copy.

You can also buy the ebook version here that can be read in any ebook reader.

Have fun and celebrate all the love in your life, making February a warm and wonderful month!

With Love, Mary

love is the message...pass it around

Happy Valentine’s Day

This Valentines Day, The One Eye love comes to life, to celebrate the rising of the Divine Feminine within our human hearts and within the whole of Mother Earth. It is the anniversary of Eve Ensler’s book, play and film, “The Vagina Monologues”, which have been translated into 48 languages and performed in over 140 countries; along with her creation of V-Day, standing for Victory, Valentine, and Vagina, and is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls. In 2012, Ensler initiated One Billion Rising, a worldwide event to promote justice and gender equality, where women and men hold dance actions to “break the chain”. Ensler wrote,
“We can’t end violence against women without ending economic injustices and violence or without ending environmental violence or without ending racial violence. They are all connected.”
Look for local dance celebrations in your town. In Williamsport, PA, please join us on Saturday afternoon, February 14, 2015 at Firetree Place 600 Campbell St. 2:00 – 2:30.

To keep up with the continuing adventures of The One Eye Love, visit our website www.heartofthematter.us and facebook page Remember Valentine gifts from The Heart of the Matter book, ebook, cards, mugs, and art.  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.
Love is the message…pass it around!

The One Eye Love image of a heart for a body and a one eyed face

Heart Activation

Every year around Valentine’s Day, I think of promoting The Heart of the Matter book and art. Although it was first published seven years ago, it’s timeless message about becoming wholehearted is always a choice we make here and now. This year, however, the message in my book has taken on a new dimension, as the character The One Eye Love, has come to life with the identity of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine within each of us.

With her role as the new super heroine here to save the day, she demonstrates that we have to be the change we want to see in the world. We have to be wholehearted and allow the miracles of love to come through us. The realization of the Hopi prophecy, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” is the call to stop waiting to be saved in some future event, but to claim it now by living in our hearts and let Love lead the way.

The One Eye love had a message to share, so I got to be the instrument of communication via the video David made. It was fun to share it with our friends, family, and social network as part of the collective consciousness. It feels like a celebration of Love and ideas are strengthened by sharing. Will she have more to say? Well, I will have to listen to and follow her inspiration!  Here’s to the Heart Activation within all of us.
Wholehearted thanks to you for listening and sharing the love! Feel hugged!