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It's About Time, Energies of the Year 2015

Energies of the Year 2015

As a prelude to the “Energy of the Day” report beginning on the Equinox, I thought it would be helpful to share an overview of the “Energies of the Year 2015”. The numerology of the year is 2+0+1+5 = 8, which is characterized by achievement, prosperity, manifestation, and an out-going, expansive energy.

Biblical references to the number 8 view it as a new beginning, humanities “born again” event, in which order comes out of chaos. Esoteric references refer to 2015 as our “Year of Initiation”. Combine this with the Chinese and Tibetan meaning of the “Year of the Wood Sheep”; the element of wood is associated with trees and the rebirth of life in the spring, while the qualities of the sheep bring feminine Yin energy correlating to the nurturing sign of Cancer, that values family, friendships, and strengthening community relations. The sheep expresses kindness, caring, sensitivity, healing, and cooperation in the collective consciousness, with an emphasis on artistic, creative development through their appreciation of beauty. This all sounds very New Paradigm to me! It’s About Time!

March traditional aspects include the name of the full moon, Storm or Wakening Moon; the color green; the flowers jonquil and daffodil; the tree is alder or dogwood; the gemstone aquamarine; the creature is the crow: the message is to grow, prosper, and explore; the communal event is the celebration of the Vernal Equinox, the point in the yearly cycle when we achieve balance between light and dark, day and night, as the Sun will be directly over the equator. This year March 8 marked the beginning of daylight saving time.

The month of March was named after Mars, which interestingly is conjunct with Venus in Aries this month, signifying a time for a new balanced understanding of the masculine with the feminine. The astrology for March is very powerful this year, with an intense culmination of over two and a half years of Uranus square Pluto, along with the total solar eclipse, making it a time of significant breakthroughs.

The alignments this month communicate revolution, shocking change, and disillusionment as the old paradigm powers are falling, at the same time we can embrace the change and surrender, to experience liberation, creativity, and enlightenment. March 20 is the end of the twelfth sign of Pisces and the start of the first sign of Aries to initiate the new astrological year, aligning with first day of Spring.

All of these converging factors set the stage for a significant turning point as we read the signs of the times. We have been anticipating “the shift” in consciousness, in our culture, and in our collective perception of reality. The new unified field science presents us with the holographic nature of our connectedness, our global one mind, and the realization of how our microcosm affects the macrocosm. Through living in our heart and trusting in love, we will accept the responsibility to be love, the ability to respond with love, and the willingness to allow miracles to unfold naturally as expressions of love.

I believe that is why we are here and now is the time. Don’t you feel it’s about time? Since ideas are strengthened by sharing, will you join me in the vision of a peaceful transition to this new paradigm?

Energies of the Year 2015

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