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Energy of the Day 1-9-2016

It’s About Time

Energy of the Day 1-9-2015
New Moon


Here is your Energy of the Day report…

Numerology: 1+9+2+0+1+6 equals 19 or 1; meaning “Beginnings”

Astrology – “The Day of Ambition” – 19 degrees Capricorn

Tarot Card – the 9th card of “The Hermit”

13 Moon Calender – 6th Rhythmic Moon

Saturday –

Planet: Saturn

Color: Violet/Purple

Chakra: 2nd Sacral

Element: Water

Minerals: Amethyst, Carnelian, Lapiz Lazuli, Fire Opal

Energy Quality: Change, Freedom, Transmutation, Mercy

Spirit Guides: Saint Germain, Zadkiel, Hanuman, Kali, Gaia

Mayan Day Count – Kin 234: 13 Ix

Ix: Jaguar, Mother Earth, Underworld, Magic, Shamanism

13: Flight – a period of transcendence an transformation; follow your heart

(from Mayan Calender Decoder and Messages of The Maya Cards by Claudie Planche www.stargaia.com)

Daily Inspiration: quote from www.new-paradigm-mdt.org

The essence of New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is love without conditions and respect for all life forms. We recognize the Divine energy that created the entire universe with all life forms and that we are an intrinsic part of that same Creation.

We live in times of massive change. It is not only change in the structures of our societies, but also change in our consciousness.  We live to LOVE, to bring that LOVE into our lives. We are all LOVE.  Many have forgotten this and given their power away to the energy of fear. Don’t give your power away to anybody or anything!

To be in LOVE is to be FREE. The most important challenge in integrating this LOVE is to LOVE ourselves. Now is the time to wake up to our multi-dimensional selves and become whole. WHOLENESS IS LOVE. Wake up and Dream!


With Love, Mary

Energy of the Day 1-9-2016

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