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Energy of the Day 11-06-2015

It’s About Time

Energy of the Day 11-06-2015

Here is your Energy of the Day report…

Numerology: 1+1+6+2+0+1+5 equals 16 or 7; meaning “Faith” and “Personal Growth”

Astrology – “The Day of Rousing Vigor” – 14 degrees Scorpio

Tarot Card – the 6th card of “The Lovers”

13 Moon Calender – 4 Self-Existing Moon

Friday –

Planet: Venus

Color: White

Chakra: 1st Root

Element: Earth

Minerals: Ruby, Garnet, Red Zircon, Coral, Jasper

Energy Quality: Purity, Harmony, Creativity

Spirit Guides: Mary Magdelene, Shakti, Venus, Gabriel, Serapis Bey

Mayan Day Count – Kin 170: 1 Oc

Oc- dog, loyalty, heart, guides, law, sexuality

1- Source: the birth of a new energy in your existence
(from Mayan Calender Decoder and Messages of The Maya Cards by Claudie Planche www.stargaia.com)

Daily Inspiration: from The Tao of Relationships by Ray Grigg

Like the seasons, desire waits, stirs, excites, and then fulfills.

The rhythm of the year is the promise that releases lovers to autumn’s ending.

Their moving autumn union is the rhythm of new beginnings.

Deep in their summer blood they know the unspoken promise and so let go.

Even the common quiet of winter’s waiting is the keeping of that promise.

And even winter’s thoughtfulness trusts that desire will find its own returning time.




With Love, Mary


Energy of the Day 11-06- 2015

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