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Energy of the Day 11-10-2015

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Energy of the Day 11-10-2015

Here is your Energy of the Day report…

Numerology: 1+1+1+0+2+0+1+5 equals 11; a Master Number meaning “Intuition”

Astrology – “The Day of Metamorphosis” – 18 degrees Scorpio

Tarot Card – the 10th card of “The Wheel of Fortune”

13 Moon Calender – 4 Self-Existing Moon

Tuesday –

Planet: Mars

Color: Pink

Chakra: 4th Heart

Element: Air

Minerals: Rose Quartz, Fluorite

Energy Quality: Love, Compassion, Peace, Gratitude

Spirit Guides: Paul the Venetian, Chamuel, Quan Yin, Mars, Brigit

Mayan Day Count – Kin 174: 5 Ix

Ix: Jaguar, Mother Earth, Underworld, Magic, Shamanism

5: Power – empower yourself and others; align your Self with your highest purpose
(from Mayan Calender Decoder and Messages of The Maya Cards by Claudie Planche www.stargaia.com)

Daily Inspiration: from Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman

If you find it hard to imagine that we can ever get from the crisis that we are facing now to a more loving functional world, consider the tale of another world in transition. Imagine you are a single cell among millions that comprise the growing caterpillar. The structure around you has been operating like a well-oiled machine, and the larva world has been creeping along predictably. Then one day, the machine begins to shudder and shake.  The system begins to fail. Cells begin to commit suicide. There is a sense of darkness and impending doom.

From within the dying population, a new breed of cells begins to emerge, called imaginal cells. Clustering in community, they devise a plan to create something entirely new from the wreckage. Out of the decay arises a great flying machine – a butterfly – that enables the survivor cells to escape from the ashes and experience a beautiful world, far beyond imagination. Here is the amazing thing: the caterpillar and the butterfly have the exact same DNA. They are the same organism but are receiving and responding to a different organizing signal.

That is where we are today. When we read the newspaper and watch the evening news, we see the media reporting the caterpillar world. And yet everywhere, human imaginal cells are awakening to a new possibility. They are clustering, communicating, and tuning into a new, coherent signal of love.


With Love, Mary


Energy of the Day 11-10- 2015

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