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Energy of the Day 11-25-2015

It’s About Time

Energy of the Day 11-25-2015
Full Moon — 5:44 EST

Here is your Energy of the Day report…

Numerology: 1+1+2+5+2+0+1+5 equals 17 or 8; meaning “Achievement” and “Manifestation”

Astrology – “The Day of Sustained Effort” – 3 degrees Sagittarius

Tarot Card – the 7th card of “The Chariot”

13 Moon Calender – 5 Overtone Moon – Beaver Moon or Snow Moon

Wednesday –

Planet: Mercury

Color: Emerald Green

Chakra: 6th Third Eye

Element: Air

Minerals: Emerald, Indigolite, Sodalite, Sapphire

Energy Quality: Healing, Abundance

Spirit Guides: Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary, Hilarian

Mayan Day Count – Kin 189: 7 Muluc

Muluc – water, rain, emotions, intuition, purification, karma

7 – Mystical Channel: make space for meditation to become a mystic receptacle
(from Mayan Calender Decoder and Messages of The Maya Cards by Claudie Planche www.stargaia.com)

Daily Inspiration: Earth Medicine by Jamie Sams

Gives Praise, the Clan Mother of the this Moon Cycle, reminds us that every sorrow has a blessing, every act of life mirrors a lesson, and every cloud masks an opportunity. If we live our lives in celebration of each tiny blessing, our gratitude will create the space for further abundance. Have you forgotten your priorities by letting yourself take someone or something in your life for granted? Be grateful today. Show that person how much you appreciate his or her presence. Look at how you might feel if the little things were taken away. It may be time to return thanks to the Creator, allowing the mystery of life abundant to find a grateful heart to flow into.

Thank you, Mother for teaching me to lift my heart in praise,
Filling my spirit with gladness for the blessings of the Beauty Way.
You have taught me how to sing, how to rejoice, dance, and drum,
And how to sing my gratitude for the abundance that will come.
You have shown me the magic of a change in the mind and heart,
An attitude made of wisdom that celebration of life imparts.
I sing the truth of thankfulness when I greet Grandfather Sun,
Then send my love to Mother Earth for the life force that makes us one.



With Love, Mary


Energy of the Day 11-25- 2015

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