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Energy of the Day July 8, 2015

It’s About Time

Energy of the Day July 8, 2015

Here is your Energy of the Day report…

Numerology: 7+8+2+0+1+5 equals 23 or 5; meaning “Change”

Astrology – “The Day of the Dark Pragmatist” – 16 degrees Cancer

Tarot Card – the 8th card of “Strength”

13 Moon Calender – 13 Cosmic Moon

Wednesday –

Planet: Mercury

Color: Emerald Green

Chakra: 6th Third Eye

Element: Air

Minerals: Emerald, Indigolite, Sodalite, Blue Sapphire

Energy Quality: Healing and Abundance

Spirit Guides: Hilarian, Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary

Mayan Day Count –

Kin 49: 10 Muluc

Muluc – water, rain, emotions, intuition, purification, karma

10 – Manifestation – a period of material achievement and actualization of vision
(from Mayan Calender Decoder and Messages of the Maya Cards by Claudie Planche

Daily Inspiration: Feeling Coming Change by Jamie Sams

Transformation can be a wonderful process if we do not let our minds get in the way. There is a rhyme and reason for everything in Great Mystery’s plan. How these events are played out, and how we humans respond to them, is dependent upon our personal viewpoints. When we embrace change as a part of growth, it can be exciting and joyful. We can then continue to feel the emotions and release our fears. When we become obsessed with second guessing, or reliving our past through our fears, we lose the magic. Our focus will determine how we weather every Rite of Passage in our lives. Crow teaches us the Divine Law of Creation; if we peck at the negative, it will come alive. If we peck at the positive, it will flourish. The choice is always ours; it never rests outside of our personal thoughts or Sacred Spaces.

What do you choose to feel pertaining the coming changes in your life?


With Love,

Energy of the Day July 8, 2015

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