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Energy of the Day June 26, 2015

It’s About Time

Energy of the Day June 26, 2015


Here is your Energy of the Day report…

Numerology: 6+2+6+2+0+1+5 equals 22; master number meaning “Greatness”

Astrology – “The Day of Stamina” – 4 degrees Cancer

Tarot Card – the 8th card of “Strength”

13 Moon Calender – 12 Crystal Moon

Friday –

Planet: Venus

Color: White

Chakra: 1st Root

Element: Earth

Minerals: Ruby, Red Zircon, Garnet, Jasper, Coral

Energy Quality: Purity, Harmony, Creativity

Spirit Guides: Serapis Bey, Mary Magdelene, Shakti, Venus, Gabriel

Mayan Day Count –

Kin 37: 11 Caban; earth movement, ideas, integration, benevolence

Direction: East

Color: Red

Body : Brain

Power Animals: Woodpecker

Planet: Uranus

11= Release; a space of relaxation and freedom to let go and rest

Daily Inspiration: Native American Prayer

Oh, Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world,
Hear me! I need your strength and wisdom.

Let Me walk in Beauty, and make my eyes
ever behold the red and purple sunset.

Make My Hands respect the things you have made
and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Make Me wise so that I may understand the things
you have taught my people.

Let Me Learn the Lessons you have hidden in
every leaf and rock.

I Seek Strength, not to be greater than any brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy… myself.


With Love,

Energy of the Day June 26, 2015

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