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Energy of the Day – March 22, 2015

It’s About Time

The Energy of the Day
Sunday, March 22, 2015

Numerology – 3+2+2+2+0+1+5 = 15 = 6 meaning “responsibility” and “love”.

Astrology – “The Day of Direct Current” – 2 degree Aries

Tarot Card – 22nd card “The Fool”

Sunday –

Planet: Sun

Color: Yellow

Chakra: 7th Crown

Element: Fire

Minerals: Citrine, Crystal

Energy Quality: Wisdom, Initiation

Spirit Guides: God, Allah, Archangel Josephiel, Lanto, Helios & Vesta


Mayan Day Count –

Kin 201 = 6 Imix: meaning Cosmic Mother, birth, support, crocodile

Direction: East

Color: Red

Body : Blood and bodily fluids

Power animals: crocodile, fish

Planet: Neptune

6= Creativity: meaning abundant productivity with easier, creative organization.

13 Moon Calender – 9 -Solar Moon

Daily Inspiration:
World Water Day Unified Meditation by The Children of the Sun,

Register to join in this group visualization, Watering the Seeds of Perfection

Universal law states that wherever we place our attention, there our energy flows. This provides a great clue as to how we can shift unwanted toxicity, in ourselves and our environment.

By pouring our attention upon the Divine Presence, that fountain of love from which all life springs, we are guaranteed to reveal the natural purity floating just beneath the surface of our muddy thoughts.

This same truth applies to the pollution we see eroding the Earth’s ecosystems. Choosing to see through to the wholeness of the elemental life will support its harmonious restoration.

It is important to note that the planet does not need fixing and neither do we. The idea that It and we are broken or need to improve at the core level is an ego-driven delusion. All that we are here to do is to reveal the inherent perfection that already exists within everything!

Refuse to allow any seeds of negativity to take root in the garden of the mind. Meditate often, work with universal light, spend time in divine communion, laugh at the ego’s games, practice sincere compassion in all activities… whatever focuses the attention upon the deeper reality of love and joy.

In appreciating and acknowledging the pure brilliance of our Creator, we allow our true Self to emerge, raising us up and out of the cesspool of separation.

With Love,


~ Energy of the Day ~

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