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Energy of the Day May 7, 2015

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Energy of the Day
May 7, 2015

Numerology: 5+7+2+0+1+5 equals 20 or 2; meaning “Patience”

Astrology – “The Day of Devotion” – 18 degrees Taurus

Tarot Card – 7th card of “The Chariot”

13 Moon Calender – 11 Spectral Moon

Thursday –

Planet: Jupiter

Color: Gold

Chakra: 3rd Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Minerals: Gold, Selenite, Clear Quartz

Energy Quality: Resurrection, Ascension, Wise Service

Spirit Guides: Jesus, Buddha, Archangel Uriel, Nada, Aurora

Mayan Day Count –

Kin 247: 13 Manik; strength, healing arts, accomplishment

Direction: West

Color: Black, Blue

Body : Hands, Arms, Feet

Power Animal: Deer

Planet: Earth

13= Flight

Daily Inspiration: Poem by Henry Van Dyke

Time is too slow for those that wait,

Too swift for those who fear,

Too long for those who grieve,

Too short for those who rejoice,

But for those who love, time is eternity.


With Love, Mary


Energy of the Day May 7, 2015

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