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The One Eye Love image of a heart for a body and a one eyed face

Heart Activation

Every year around Valentine’s Day, I think of promoting The Heart of the Matter book and art. Although it was first published seven years ago, it’s timeless message about becoming wholehearted is always a choice we make here and now. This year, however, the message in my book has taken on a new dimension, as the character The One Eye Love, has come to life with the identity of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Feminine within each of us.

With her role as the new super heroine here to save the day, she demonstrates that we have to be the change we want to see in the world. We have to be wholehearted and allow the miracles of love to come through us. The realization of the Hopi prophecy, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for” is the call to stop waiting to be saved in some future event, but to claim it now by living in our hearts and let Love lead the way.

The One Eye love had a message to share, so I got to be the instrument of communication via the video David made. It was fun to share it with our friends, family, and social network as part of the collective consciousness. It feels like a celebration of Love and ideas are strengthened by sharing. Will she have more to say? Well, I will have to listen to and follow her inspiration!  Here’s to the Heart Activation within all of us.
Wholehearted thanks to you for listening and sharing the love! Feel hugged!

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