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It’s About Time!


“It’s About Time” was the name of a TV show in 1966.  You can watch and listen to the theme song on Youtube at this link or below.



I took the creative license to change the words, but keep the same tune;

It’s About Time, It’s  About Space
It’s About Freedom for the Human Race
Time To Wake Up, Time To Be Here
Time To Be Love and Let Go of Fear
It’s About Joy, It’s About Fun
It’s About the Truth that We Are One
Time To Create, Time To Make Art
Time To Express What’s In Your Heart.
It’s About Time!

It’s about time for another blog post.  Since the renewal of The Heart of the Matter website and the dedication to The One Eye Love in February, I have been listening for what really wanted to be communicated.  With the inspiration to “give your gift of love”…since love is all there is, and we are here to express it and share it.  I contemplated, what is it that I naturally love to do and feel passionate about?

My friends and family will tell you that I am always reporting on the energy of the day; whether it is remembering birthdays, holidays, astrological alignments, or the numerology of the day.  I received the name “celebration artist” because of my passion for celebrating life and finding the unique significance of each date.  My sign of Capricorn is known to be the “keeper of time”.  For my birthday this year, my friends gave me three time related gifts; a Mayan Calender decoder, a datebook and poster calender called “Ecological Calender 2015: A New Way To Experience Time”.  It was a sign and a synchronicity that gave me the message, “It’s About Time!”.

I have learned through esoteric studies that each day, year, and month have specific energetic qualities, with a mystical significance and a deeper meaning.  Understanding this information can help give us direction and allow us to flow with the energies, to participate consciously as we co-create with them.  The 13 Moon Calender is based on the natural 28 day cycle of the moon, of which there are 13 in a year.  The Gregorian Calender is based on 12 months, representing the masculine paradigm of competition, centered in the brain, with the belief that time is money.  The 13 Moon Calender represents the new feminine paradigm of cooperation, centered in the heart, with the belief that time is art.  As we synchronize with nature, we move into a harmonic alignment with all the universe.   I believe that is what the new paradigm is all about; co-creating, cooperating, and converging with the new energies.  It’s About Time!

Since there is no time like the present, now is the perfect time to start.  March 20, 2015 is all about new beginnings!  A new moon, new season, new astrological start with the first sign of Aries, and a ceremonial total solar eclipse, signifying change.  All signs point to the right time to launch my new blog posts giving you the “Energy of the Day” report.  I will begin with the energy report for 2015 and the month of March in tomorrow’s blog, and begin the daily energy report on the Equinox.  Please share this blog with friends that you think will enjoy this report  and help me grow the list, so we can better navigate these new energies together.  It’s About Time!

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